• Austin Energy - Currently Austin Energy offers a local rebate of $2,500 to all of their customers that go solar! You must complete their solar education course then you're on your way to scoring free money to help pay for your residential solar system. Austin Energy credits solar customers for the energy they generate with the Value of Solar rate which is $0.097/ kwh. Double bonus if your home is in the City of Sunset Valley - they offer an additional $3,000 for their local residents to go solar!
  • CPS Energy - The current residential rebate for San Antonio residents that are customers of CPS Energy is also $2,500 with the option of getting an additional $500 if the installer uses local modules. With thousands of rebate applications already received in 2019, this incentive is running out fast!
  • Oncor - Historically the best rebate in all of Texas but also the quickest to run out every year. The 2019 rebate was $0.54/ watt for systems 1.0 - 15.0 kw which is up to $8,000 off the cost of a new residential solar system! The 2020 rebate will be announced towards the end of January and almost certainly will expire before May 1, 2020. If you are located within Oncor's territory, please act now so we can get everything ready for submittal in January!

Texas Solar Rebates